Import Indirect Calorimeter Data

3. Designate hours for the light/dark cycle

(Optional) Convert to standardized CalR file and download

CalR file
(Optional) Import Weight Data*
*Weights from calorimeter will be used unless weight template is downloaded,filled out,and uploaded

2. Download the template for entering subject masses

Weight template

Designate Groups

1. Designate Caloric Value and Units for Diets of Each Group

If the studied diets are not on the list, please choose 'Other' and input the caloric value and unit.

2. Select subjects and click arrows to assign groups


Click to refresh plot


Save workflow

Session file

Download summary report

Summary report

Save the detrended plot

Detrended plot

Download excluded data

Excluded data

Hourly Averages (First Period)

Download data
averaged by hour
Download hourly
difference data

Hourly Difference


Hourly Averages (Second Period)


Average Masses Plot

Signif. codes: p-values from t-tests for group differences in mass

<0.001 ***

<0.01 **

<0.05 *

Download Mass Plot

Model Significance

The tables display p-values corresponding to group effect (ANOVA) along with the mass and interaction effects as necessary (GLM)

Signif. codes: <0.001 ***,<0.01 **,<0.05 *

Analysis tables

Supplemental statistics for model

Download supplemental model summary tables for:

Selected variable All variables