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Reproducibility, Transparency, Simplicity, and Standardization.


Import data from Columbus Instruments CLAMS, Sable Promethion and TSE PhenoMaster.



Full analysis can be produced in minutes after importing raw data, designating groups and selecting time frame.


For all producable plots, users may select preferences such as colors, text size and line width before exporting them.


CalR implements the consensus method of analysis using regression based models and accounting for body mass as a covariate.


Everything leading to analysis is exportable, from excluded data to users' workflows.


Our framework allows quick production of new templates to account for unique experimental conditions.

Featured Publications

CalR was used for the analysis of indirect calorimetry data in several peer-reviewed articles.

Genetic Depletion of Adipocyte Creatine Metabolism Inhibits Diet-Induced Thermogenesis and Drives Obesity

Lawrence Kazak, Edward T. Chouchani, Gina Z. Lu, Mark P. Jedrychowski, Curtis J. Bare, Amir I. Mina, Manju Kumari, Song Zhang, Ivan Vuckovic, Dina Laznik-Bogoslavski, Petras Dzeja, Alexander S. Banks, Evan D. Rosen, Bruce M. Spiegelman

Cdkal1, a type 2 diabetes susceptibility gene,regulates mitochondrial function in adiposetissue

Colin J. Palmer, Raphael J. Bruckner, Joao A. Paulo, Lawrence Kazak, Jonathan Z. Long, Amir I. Mina, Zhaoming Deng, Katherine B. LeClair, Jessica A. Hall, Shangyu Hong, Peter-James H. Zushin, Kyle L. Smith, Steven P. Gygi, Susan Hagen, David E. Cohen, Alexander S. Banks

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